By Greg Bintz, Aviator staff writer

“Curry back to Igoudala. Igoudala goes up for the layup, BLOCKED BY JAMES! OH OH, WHAT HUGE BLOCK ON ANDRE IGOUDALA!”

Less than thirty seconds later:


Mike Breen’s voice sent chills down my spine as the ever-so famous “LeBlock” (even created a hamburger called the “LeBlock”) went down in the history books, and Kyrie Irving’s dagger over “MVP” Steph Curry (real MVP was LeBron; way outplayed Curry when it mattered most) sent the Cavs back to Cleveland with the city’s first trophy in 52 years (my parents aren’t even that old).

The famous 3-1 comeback by Cleveland sent James into such a wave of emotion that he started crying and said “CLEVELAAAND, this is for YOU!” while being interviewed by Doris Burke.

This will be the greatest NBA Finals I’ll see in my life. After all, seeing the same teams in the Finals three years in a row is as proportional a dynasty as the New England Patriots. In a way, the Finals just turned into a best-of-three match-up, and history will be made, whether Golden State or the Cavs win.

Now, being that said, because we’ve seen appearances by the same two teams three years in a row, I also think this is the last trilogy we’ll see in a long time.

I mean, when will the next three-point sharp-shooting Steph Curry come (and please don’t answer Lonzo Ball or I’ll start dunking on a Little Tikes 2-foot basketball hoop)? When will the next LeBron show up? And the biggest reason is that there is absolutely no possible way that we’ll see Cavs-Warriors four years in a row. At that point, then the NBA is just rigged because that doesn’t happen in any other sport.

When it comes to previewing what will be an epic showdown at Oracle Arena to start, the seven combined All-Stars we’ll see in this Finals has hardly ever been seen before. Each team has a fantastic defensive, and especially, offensive unit. For Golden State, the Splash Brothers in Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, and Curry. For Cleveland? Kyle Korver, J.R. Smith, Irving, James, Kevin Love, and Channing Frye (pretty tasty lineup there).

Whatever goes down will be history.

It’s just a matter if the King will get his throne taken away (while not blowing that 3-1 lead).