By Emma Jo Hirschy, Aviator editor-in-chief

Currently, the intervention and enrichment (I/E) period at De Pere High School offers time for both academic help and for students to explore different interests.

Now, after months of discussion, DPHS has made the decision to change the current I/E system to further benefit both students and staff starting in the 2017-18 school year.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction had originally declared back in 2010 that every school in the state must offer interventions to struggling students but had proposed a replacement for the current I/E.  

According to Mr. Allen, DPHS assistant principal, every student in Wisconsin will be required to have an academic career plan, or otherwise described as a pathway, as of next year.   

“One of the biggest driving forces for this is that the DPI again is asking all schools to set up ACPs, academic career plans, for every student,” said Allen.

Although Allen acknowledged that the current I/E system has numerous positive aspects, he said that the school is looking for a more focused approach.

“It will be something that gets to what the freshmen specifically deal with, the sophomores have to deal with, the juniors have to deal with, and transitioning the seniors out,” he said.

As of now, Allen confirms that selections will be drastically different. The offered pathways will be dependent on the type of student. Some of the factors that will play a role into the selection process will include grade and after high school plans.

“It is meant to get you thinking about post-secondary education or post-high school and what classes you are going to have,” said Allen.

Just recently, DPHS created a committee consisting of counselors, interventionists in the building, and teachers to plan the new I/E.

Allen also assured that following the 2017-18 school year, students could potentially see a change in their schedules as well. “It may start earlier in school year,” mentioned Allen. “Following years could also have different flex schedules.”

In regards to staff, the new plan for I/E will provide teachers an easier way to get their I/E started.

“It will definitely be a change,” said Allen. “The idea hopefully is that it is going to be a little easier for providing lesson plans for them instead of them taking the time to plan it themselves.”

Not only did Allen mention the benefits of the new upcoming I.E. system, but he also expressed his hope for students to be enthusiastic for the new opportunities brought with it.

“I hope students will be excited. Since it is connected to ACPs, it won’t take time away from their other classes and it is a more focused approach. With the seniors especially, we talked about doing enrichments related to something they are interested in, maybe for their plans after high school.”