By Greg Bintz, Aviator contributor

“He’s ready, and delivers. Morgan a smash up the middle, A BASE HIT! Here comes Gomez! Around third, the throw, AND THE BREWERS WIN! THE BREWERS ARE MOVING ON BY A BASE HIT BY NYJER MORGAN! What a scene!”

Ah, if only 2011 could come back. Hearing the shouting, raspy voice of Mr. Baseball Bob Uecker gave me chills down my back.

That year was the last time the Brewers made the postseason, and it was awesome. Even though they (sadly) lost in the NLCS, making it that far was amazing. In fact, that’s when I first started getting interested in America’s pastime.

Back in 2014, the Brewers had a hot start with a record of 19-7. After the All-Star Game, though, a collapse (simply because of inconsistent lineups) sent the Brewers home much earlier than wanted.

And now, every Brewers fan is sitting in what is still a rebuilding period. How in the world did this happen?

First of all, the Brewers trade every single good player away. Jonathan Lucroy, Gerrado Parra, Jeremy Jeffress, Will Smith, and Carlos Gomez are just a couple guys who were shipped off somewhere else. If they would just keep their players instead of trading them away, I’d bet that the Brewers would’ve made the playoffs well by now. After all, guys like Gomez and Lucroy were insanely valuable to the team.

On the other hand, imagine if the Brewers would spend some money and resign guys like Chris Carter, who homered 41 times last year, and Zack Greinke to keep that dynamic duo with Yovani Gallardo alive, teams would be scared to come play at Miller Park. Then again, the Brewers are a .500 ballclub and have 0 star players.

Second of all, inconsistent lineups are another reason. In 2014 especially, I found that whenever the Brewers started their lineup with Gomez, Jean Segura, and Ryan Braun, they would kick butt. Any time they didn’t, they fell short of a win.

In a season hype video posted on Instagram, manager Craig Counsell, who was on the 2011 NLCS team, said that the Brewers are “not taking the easy road”. And I hope he means that. Why?

Because I want to see the Brewers hosting a World Series. I want to see more fill-your-pants type playoff games. I want to see more walk-offs. I want to see fireworks explode in wild celebration. I want to see a team that competes year in and year out for a championship. I want to hear more screaming from Bob Uecker before he has to retire to enjoy what’s left of his life. I want to get the chills. Why?

Because I want to be able to say that #ThisIsMyCrew.