By Emma Jo Hirschy, Aviator editor-in-chief

Through hard-work and commitment, De Pere High School seniors Jack Timmer and Sam Runge will be watching the play they had written unfold on the DPHS stage.

Recently, they announced to the DPHS student body and staff that they will be presenting, “A Piece of Mime,” a play that features the struggle for freedom of speech.

Starring a mime who is tired of criticism, the play includes a scene where the mime decides to speak publicly for the first time, which is highly frowned upon.

“Mimes aren’t allowed to do that, so it sparked a lot of controversy,” said Timmer. “The clowns didn’t want the mime to talk because the spotlight gets taken from them.”

A “big race war” then occurs between the clowns and the mime in a fight for the spotlight both of them long for.

Asked about their inspirations for the play, Timmer and Runge drew connections to the Colin Kaepernick controversy, where the pro football player sat for the national anthem and was highly criticized.

“It was initially taken from the Colin Kaepernick controversy, and then it expanded into this big calamity,” said Runge. The two seniors also mentioned that the play also shows the impact the First Amendment has in society.

After spending relatively three months on writing and editing the script, Timmer and Runge are excited to be able to hear and watch their play come to life.

“Hearing the things you write and spend hours of your own time drafting and eventually printing it out to give to someone else, seek their approval, and have others perform that is pretty surreal,” said Runge. “We just wanted to do something really cool for our senior year.”

Timmer confirmed that the play is planned to be performed on April 27, 28, and 29.