By Greg Bintz, Aviator staff writer

“A little short” is how Aaron Rodgers described the Packers’ late-season run, and it sure was a joy ride coming into Atlanta at 90 miles per hour.

At least until they hit a brick wall in the Georgia Dome.

A blowout 44-21 loss in the NFC Championship Game was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen in my life. Rodgers was the leading rusher the entire game (4 carries, 46 yards), and the Packers’ defense reminded me of a Division III college squad. Horrible tackling form, injuries (surprise!), and a team that couldn’t start a spark proved the Packers’ task of winning it all may have been too tall.

After the Falcons went up 31-0, I was about ready to call the fire department.

Because he has lost 3 out of his 4 NFC title game appearances, I would go right ahead and say “Fire McCarthy”. However, the only question is who the Packers would get to replace him. After all, if a team gets that far, they need to be able to finish, and the Packers haven’t 75 percent of the time.

The good thing is that the offseason moves the Packers need to make are clear-cut. Here’s what they should do, whether Ted Thompson, Eliot Wolf, or someone else is at the GM position.

1.. Sign every free agent from the roster, except for maybe Datone Jones because of the extremely dumb fights he starts and gets into sometimes.

2.. Draft a running back right away. If both Eddie Lacy and Christine Michael come back, a guy like Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey (his brother is already currently on the active roster) or Wisconsin’s Dare Ogunbowale would be perfect.

If they do draft a running back, James Starks should go, and Ty Montgomery should move back to wide receiver. He came into the league as one, and every time he runs the ball, he ends up limping off the field. After that, the Packers  would have a bowling ball, fast, pass-catching running back trio (basically like New England).

3.. Get T.J. Watt of Wisconsin. Why not? Per a Packers insider at, the Packers are targeting to get Watt in the first round. After all, he’s the brother of the best defensive end in the league, and he is being compared to a young version of Clay Matthews.

4.. After the first round, draft defensively. It was the biggest weakness the entire season.

5.. It sounds dumb, but trade with the Browns. Then again, the Packers could use Tramon Williams and/or Joe Haden. Give a 3rd or 4th round draft pick and an offensive lineman away. Just something that could give them depth and skilled players, which was missing the entire year as well on defense.

As Rodgers put it after the Falcons loss, it’s time to reboot, not rebuild. I hope no one’s coming into this house next year.