By Micaela Danielsson, Aviator staff writer 

Moving and starting over can be hard, especially for teenagers who are young and uncertain of themselves.

De Pere High School has for the past seven years offered a New Student Group, to which new students are invited to participate in, and this year the meeting takes place during IE for the first time.

Kari Willihnganz and Marcy Becker, counselors and leaders of the two New Student groups at De Pere, said that the reason for them to start this was because they thought there was a need.

“We thought that the kids that were transferring in were having a hard time adjusting,” Willihnganz said. “This group is supposed to be a safe place where students can have an honest conversation about the struggle in their new school.”

According to both, the group is for students to be aware of the different resources in the building as well as as talking about the struggle of what it’s like to leave friends and start over. They also discuss self awareness and soul searching that will make the students think about what kind of friends they want to meet and can trust.

“I think starting at a new school has got to be one of the hardest things you can do as a kid in your high school years,” Becker said, adding that it can be helpful for students to to know that they are not the only one feeling a certain way.

Even though the concept of having a New Student Group seems to be popular among both the counselors and the students, it has been an issue this year of not having enough time for the meetings, mainly because they are scheduled during the 30-minute IE.

“When you finally have the group gathered, ready to go deeper, the bell rings,” Becker said.